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Since founding, the Brue Boys Choir has been performing in support of local charities and good causes.

If you wish to raise money for your cause and you have a venue which can accommodate a choir of 30 plus, and of course an audience, we would be happy to perform for you. Our fee is very modest so the break-even point on ticket sales is relatively low.

We sing a wide variety of music and our performances are enhanced by a number of in-house soloists.

 Here’s what one audience member said after attending a recent Brue Boys concert:  “ The Brue Boys. What a fantastic performance! I’ve been to a few concerts now and I have to say I think this stood out as the best. The singing was outstanding with a great variety of pieces - A well attended evening with some fine audience participation also! A thoroughly enjoyable evening - thank you!”

If you want to know more about the choir you can refer to our “About Us” page on our website which also contains a small sample of our music.

We perform a limited number of concerts each year, so if you are interested don’t delay.

You can contact us through the contact page on our website or by email on


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